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“Even though I was hesitant to order Tammy’s postpartum meal service at first because I didn’t know anyone personally who have tried it, I am so glad that I decided to give it a chance! Every meal, herbal soup, and dessert was prepped with fresh and nutritious ingredients just as her website described.

She even endeavored to customize to each mother’s particular health condition and preference whenever she could. I had a fairly quick recovery and a good supply to breastfeed baby as well as a result! Delivery everyday was punctual and she followed strict social distancing precautions to keep our family safe during this COVID pandemic.

Communication with Tammy was a breeze as she always responded quickly via text and email (I assume she also regularly checks WeChat or Line). She’s very knowledgeable and offered me some great advice on postpartum recovery and caring for a newborn. I definitely recommend her to anyone out there who’s reading this review.

One final tip - Tammy is quite busy all year round so if you’re expecting, make sure to reach out to her in advance to book a service! -- Hana“



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